Taking the Kato plunge

2 years ago when I was diagnosed with PCOS I heard about a diet called Keto. without doing more then a cursory glance I dismissed the diet because it seemed too hard. Giving up carbs sounded insane to me. How could these people just not eat pasta and cake. My sugar addicted brain could not let go of my (at the time) daily cupcake/cake/ice cream/ect intake.

So, I struggled. for. TWO. YEARS. The lowest that I got during that time was 205lbs (maybe), and that was sort of tricking the scale. It wasn’t level and when I’d get on a minute or so later it would be about 207lbs. So I don’t really count it, even though I wrote it down. How Insane is that? I was so desperate for it to work that I tried to find ways to trick the scale, I lied and cheated and only ended up cheating myself.

Last November, I saw my Mom for the first time since I May at the wedding. She’d lost 48lbs and looked like a new person. She told me about a program called Ideal Protein and how it was low carb, high protein. I was immediately convinced. My mom did Jenny Craig together, she’s always been very overweight. She told me how she no long craved sweets and how her carbs came from veggies. I was amazed and convinced.

Everyone said to wait until the holidays were over, so that I wouldn’t be temped to cheat, which I thought was funny.. since this diet was supposed to make me not want those foods. I obliged mostly because the husband wasn’t going to start with me and I didn’t want him to feel bad about his favorite foods and we were going to visit Jersey and I really wanted some foods we only get when we are there.As December went on the husband eventually decided to try it with me and we both decided to start on January 1st.

We’ll, as you ca see by the date, it’s Feb 10th and I’m happy to say we are still at it. Even if last week was a bit more difficult for me. Shark Week + Extra Stress made me want to cheat and give up, but I didn’t. I had keto cheesecake and was very happy…oh also bacon. So much bacon…

I am down 15lbs and the husband is down 23lbs. Aside from last week, I’ve not wanted anything so bad to make me quit this.In fact most of my sweet cravings are very diminished, my cravings now are more out of boredom. I love to snack and that’s not a problem. I have Peanutbutter cup fat bombs, keto cheesecake, deli meats, or bacon when I want to snack. I walk thought the candy isle and ignore all of it except my 90% dark chocolate (for keto baking), I don’t crave bread or pasta. It’s amazing..

And it’s not that I craved those things like bread and pasta before, but I see them and its almost like they are disgusting to me now. Thinking about eating that stuff grosses me out, I simply want to part of it. I see the amount of carbs in some dishes and feel sick to my stomach. For example; I eat 20g of carbs TOTAL. A day! Most pasta dished have over 100g of that. That’s insane!

Enough for now.. expect this space to become keto rant/amusement/goal/achievement zone. I love MFP, r/keto, and r/xxketo but I feel like I need a place to just leave thoughts, both good and bad.