Go Cincinnati

Where did I leave off? Oh yes. Week one of 5k training down and I feel good.

This past weekend was the weekend of Go Cincinnati. For those that don’t know, a lot of people get together and go do projects all over the city for places that support the community. It was the brain child of a church in Mason called Crossroads. I’d like to stat right out that I’m not a member of their congregation, I’m not really a strong believe in organized religion. A friend invited me to the event and I’m glad she did. It was a lot of fun and hard work.

I was part of the group that was working in the Children’s Garden at Gorman Heritage Farm. We started just after 9am and went until just after noon. We cleaned out wood  chips so it could be replaced, we helped dig out a bed shaped flower box and move it, and then we spent some time with the animals of the farm. It was a really cool experience and we’ve decided to sign up to volunteer at the farm. I was sweeting my butt off but it was good work. I have a lot of picture on my twitter feed of the days events, and you can also check out all the projects on twitter with the hashtag #gocincy. Also here some news coverage!

We skipped the trainer because we were so wiped out. In fact the rest of the weekend was a bit of a wash as I was far too tired to do anything but my house hold chores and those didn’t get done since I was a horrible achy mess. We made up for it on Monday night though. Monday I usually have Belly Dancing, but it’s been tough to get too over the last few months with doctor’s appointments, stress, and it being on the other side of Cincy. I fell kind of ashamed saying that driving across little ol’ Cincinnati is a pain, since it’s such a small city. Seriously, I grew up in NJ next to New Brunswick. Cincy is like a slightly larger version but yeah… I’m getting soft!

So Instead of Belly Dancing we headed over to the Gym. I’m glad to report that I made it completely through my workout, all 30 minutes with giving up. Sure it was hard but it was good. I felt so great about it. Then we took a walk on the treadmill for about 30 or so minutes. I was so happy with myself. Going to the Gym with my friends really helps me push myself to try so much harder and stay longer.  I’m supposed to be starting week 2 with the couch to 5k program but I think I might spend another week at week one, but make myself walk faster and with an incline instead of going the minute on and minute off. I think I should hold off pushing myself until all the test results are back, or at least until I’ve seen the people at Good Samaritan.


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