Couch to 5k: Week one Complete

The day after the trainer was rough. I was still really tired and few of my muscles were sore, but not sore enough. You know that feeling right? When you had a great work out and you know the next days is going to be trouble because you won’t be able to move without groaning? I didn’t have any of that, I woke up the next morning and totally felt like I could head over to the gym and do that whole workout again.

That gives made me feel slightly disappointed in myself, I felt like I hadn’t pushed my muscles hard enough. I also realized that my muscles are still kind of there, but maybe my stamina and breathing might not be. I felt disappointed at first, thinking that I’d let myself wuss out and give up before I could really push myself. Then I remembered that feeling on not being able to breathe and the light headedness and I knew that wasn’t me just giving up. It was a legitimate need to stop and take a breather. So, my conclusion is that I pushed myself and my endurance but not my muscles, and I’m actually okay with that.

Halfway through last week Dan and I decided to change-up the routine so that I have the car at lunch, which means I can hit up the gym during the day. I was able to get to the gym only once, for a multitude of excuses, most importantly a doctor’s appointment. I’d been dreading and looking forward to this for months and I was not going to miss it. I even left work a bit early to make sure we had plenty of time to get there.

English: Jenny Craig, Inc. logo

English: Jenny Craig, Inc. logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This was the appointment to see my General Practitioner and I had a list of questions I wanted to ask.  I explained my weight loss troubles, and while I don’t think he 100% believed me that I was doing everything right, he did agree that my weight was an issue. They took some blood, right there in the office, and I was given a referral to Good Samaritan Hospital Weight Loss Center. I made the appointment with them on the 29th early in the day and I’m kind of nervous about it.

Good Samaritan Hospital (Cincinnati)

Good Samaritan Hospital (Cincinnati) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Good Samaritan is a good hospital and I’m glad that I’m finally going to someone “official”, not that Jenny Craigisn’t official but they are not medical staff. They don’t have doctorates and go to school to study nutrition or the problems involved with weight loss. They do surgery’s there but my insurance doesn’t cover it and I don’t think that’s right for me.  I have the ability to lose the weight without surgery and I should really exhaust all non-surgical options first.

I’m prepping for my meeting with the nutritionist by staying on my normal plan but I’m also being much more diligent about writing things down. I’ve slacked off a bit in the past two weeks when I was feeling like it didn’t matter, and I want to be able to print out the information from Body Media and say, “This is my intake and this is my deficit, and this is how I bust my ass. Why am I stuck at 220lbs?” I’m hoping that their solutions work or the solutions from my Gyno.

The great news about this week is I’ve completed week one of Run Your Butt Off‘s couch to 5k program. Next week I’ll be doing my normal 30 minute walk (maybe more) with 4 minutes walking and 1 minute of running. The running won’t be faster than the walking which sounds difficult. I’m excited to get back to running, walking is great but I love that feeling of that I get when I run.


2 thoughts on “Couch to 5k: Week one Complete

  1. Congratulations on completing Couch-2-5K!!

    You are doing fine and smart to now when to take a breather. Breathing right during running is an additional skill; that is how to know to use your oxygen sparingly, and how to use it to your benefit. An interesting read might be:

    No matter what, note when you tired or you need to take a breather, there is the NEXT time to try and pass that point when you had to stop before and push just a little further. It doesn’t have to be by much, just that it was the tiniest bit further.

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