Fridays and Trainers…

Hello Friday! I love Fridays.  Two days that I don’t have to go to the office. Two days that I get more activity and more face time with my friends. Fridays also mean that tomorrow is Gym day with Tracey! I love gym day. If I didn’t love playing video games and reading so much I might have been a gym rat… I’d also have to be less lazy. Heh.

This week while I was at work Tracey talked to the Gym people and met with the training staff; we decided it was affordable enough so we signed up. I meet with the trainer every week at 1:30 on Saturday. Dan will be joining us at the gym but not with the trainer. He plans on walking the treadmill for the hour or so we will be there. I got him to join me when I went on Sunday and he got a good 30 minutes of walking in. He agreed that joining me was a good idea and that his back felt good afterward. I’m super excited for the trainer but I know I’m going to be bemoaning that decision right after we start, ha.

The other thing I’m really excited about is a book my sis-in-law sent me. It’s called “Run Your Butt Off. It’s from the magazine Runner’s World and it’s basically a 5k program with more information and extra stuff. The extra stuff is that they took 16 people and had them do the program they want you to do and you get little tips and tricks that those people discovered, as well as advice, and other things. The book is about weight loss at its core but I found it a great reminder or things I’d forgotten about running. It really is for someone that hasn’t started running yet or just started. Not exactly for my level, but I’m not so far beyond is that I can’t make use of its tips and tools. I’m thinking of actually starting over and following the progress of the book, it’s a 12 week program and if I stuck with it I’m sure I’ll catch up fast enough.

As I said, it’s a couch to 5k program. They do the same things that everyone else says you should do. For example, they do the whole walk 3 minutes run/jog 1 minute and they step up every week until you are running a full 30 minutes. This is suggested by everyone so it’s nothing revolutionary but it is presented in a pretty cool way. The profiles and bits from the 16 test subjects are neat. I love the tidbits they provide. I don’t know what my current rotation is and I haven’t been tacking (which is probably the problem). So maybe starting over is a good idea, I’ll surely “catch up” quickly.

Another great thing about this about this book is that it’s not meant as a something to just read through and then remember or make notes and do later. The chapters are informative and interesting and are meant to be read as you go. Not as you run, obviously, but as you complete the steps. I’ve finished chapter one and have yet to move on too far, I did read a bit and the next chapter seems to be about moving up to the next level. Since I had not decided I didn’t move ahead. So far I’m enjoying the book, I’d recommend it, but only if that kind of thing motivates you.

PS, You’ll start seeing articles (like the ones below) on my posts. I’m adding them because they have more information about things or because they are blogs covering the same things. Surf on friends…


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