Gyms and 10 minute miles

Welcome back!

Another week, that I spent most of it bouncing between 216 and 220, gone. Well actually, I think I spent most of the week going between 218 and 220. I’m not going to lie, it’s incredibly frustrating working out knowing that I’m not going see results on the scale. It’s hard enough to get the motivation to work out right now without that love reminder that this isn’t going to have any visible result on my numbers. I know that what I’m doing know will have a positive influence on the future, but it is definitely hard to find the drive to push myself harder when I won’t see the results anytime soon.

Some up, some down.. The dance of PCOS

Now, I’m well aware that I’m building up muscle and setting up good habits and other things that will make success a lot easier once we figure out this PCOS problem. It’s just a lot harder to find motivation and I’ve take too finding outside sources of motivation for myself. I like to look at the fitness and exercise things on Pintrest as well as reading motivational “you can do it!” stories and books. It’s a cheap high but it keeps my head in the game and pushes me to get back to it.

Speaking of back to it; I purchased a gym membership yesterday.

Ideal Fitness logo

Ideal Fitness, my new gym

Now, this might seem like the logical step for must but I’ve have some bad experiences with Gym memberships. I joined one with my mom and sis-in-law when I was in Jersey and it was a pain to cancel it. I had to wait until the account was almost in collections before they would cancel the account. Then I found out fun things like you had to write a hand written letter and snail mail it to the company to keep them from auto-renewing your account. So I’m, understandably, wary of gyms. A friend purchased a membership and I liked their policies so I joined as well. There is no contract and the membership/enrollment fees are pretty agreeable. Best is that you can cancel any time without problems. I don’t plan on canceling in the near future but that is something I like to have the ability to do without issue.

Yesterday, I got to the Gym with Tracey and we did some of the abs/core machine and finished with the treadmill. I got about .91 of a mile before the shoes became a problem again. I really need to get to a runners store and get a good pair of running shoes again. I’m awesome are rolling my ankles and I believe I walk/run on the outside of my food and my shoes need to have more cushioning there to help keep my shins from screaming at me. I’d like to get back up to how I was with Kristen, 3 miles without a thought was a great (almost) daily workout.


Saturday’s trip to the gym was awesome

Today (Sunday), I didn’t have Tracey to spurn me on but I did manage to get Dan out to the gym. He spent about 20 minutes on the treadmill but hey, for a guy with a back injury, that’s awesome. I’m hoping that him getting out to the gym with us, if only twice a week, will help move his weight loss along faster and help out his back. I did more than yesterday, about 1.10 miles. But I got back to an 18 minute mile, and it feels great. I need to bust my butt and get back to 10 minute miles, those were awesome. My ankles hurt today, even more so after we’ve worked out. I need to think about wrapping them for running again. I keep rolling them as I go and it hurts.

Sunday’s was good too! 18 minute mile

Okay, I’ve talked long enough. My goals for the next week are to get back to tacking my food, I’ve been slacking, and get moving more. I want to make sure I get on the treadmill at least once this week. I don’t have to run. Just 15 minutes of walking. I’m also researching PCOS and will have a more in depth post about that when I’ve gotten enough information and had my tests. Have a good week people!


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