So this week has been crazy! I need to add a calendar reminder to add my daily body media to the blog. I think that will help keep me more honest. Not that I’ve lied about what I’ve eaten or exercised but It helps remind me that I’m publishing these results. I’ve also taken some before pictures and I’m thinking of posting them. They are not the most flattering and, while I’m ashamed of them, it’s another thing I need to put out there so I can accept it and use it to drive me on.

On the topic of pictures. I’ve decided to try and take some every week of my progress. It takes a while to notice the changes of weight loss.  Plus, I love seeing those ‘Before and After’ shots. They keep me inspired and make me want to go run. How cool it will be to see my own. To look back in a year and go “Holy crap!” I’m proud of all the people I see on my weight loss boards; I can’t wait to feel that proud of myself.

Speaking of proud. I had my first weigh in this week with Jenny Craig. Dan lost about 5lbs and I lost about 1lbs. I have to admit that I’m a little disappointed that I only lost a pound. I went over my bodyfit media data with my JC consultant and we think it was because I didn’t drink enough water and I wasn’t eating all the calories I was supposed to. I didn’t eat enough fruits and veggies as well. I actually wasn’t that hungry last week and was under 1200 eaten calories for 2 days (we think it was the lack of water). This week I’ve been over my calories on 2 days, mostly from extra fruit. I’ve been trying to make sure I get enough water to help my muscles repair and not hang on to all of it.

I kind of feel bad about being disappointed that I only lost a pound. It’s a pound; I should be like “Woo! I lost!” but I’m not. I think it was because I high 218 on my own before JC I won’t be excited until I get past that. The great news is that for the first time in more than a month I have seen my measurements go down. I’ve lost about an inch in all the areas I measure. This is great news and my JC consultant warned me that because I was a runner before I might see inches shed before I see the scale move a lot. She thinks that I have muscle hiding under the flab and as I exercise my body is holding water to repair them and eating off the fat, she said that as the muscle comes back the inches will go but the scale might not move as fast. I’m hoping that is correct. Especially the part that I might see more dramatic loss a few weeks in as the muscle regain balances out.

This leads to a bit of a dilemma. Not a world ending, life changing one, but still a dilemma. I like results. I push myself in the beginning to see those numbers fall. I visualize the scale going down for every half hour I exercise. It’s a great motivator for me and pushes me to finish those last 2 minutes of hard work. So with the knowledge that the scale might not move as fast, I need other forms of motivation. The past few weeks I’ve been excited enough on my own but I’ve been looking at results threads on weight loss forums for extra drive.

 Normally, people set mini-goals and rewards based on the numbers on the scale.  They say at 10lbs lost that they will go to the spa, or at 50lbs they get a new wardrobe. Those are great goals but since I might not see a steady 1-2 lbs a week I think I want to set mine to other things. For example: If I exercise 3 times a week for a month I can get the Zumba game. That’s one. I need others.

One of the biggest things I want is a treadmill. It was my favorite (and least favorite) tool at the gym. I hated that damn treadmill, until I found that I love running. They burn a lot of calories, and you can adjust your intensity. You can build up stamina and do so while doing something else. At the gym they’d have a movie playing. For my I think a movie or a TV show, or even a video game.  So back to goals.

I wanted to make a treadmill a goal. The Kinect fitness game was the reward for starting but I’d like to get a treadmill ASAP so get my stamina back up. And there I go breaking my stream of consciousness by doing work. I’ve been thinking about my goals though and I think this is what I will do:

220 – Start
210 – Zumba Game
200 – New Pair of Jeans (mine will no longer fit at this point)
190 – Good running shoes (from a runners store)
180 – Something from Esty
170 – Something from Modcloth (Maybe, or someplace else)
160 – Get my hair done professionally (maybe a dye job)
150 – GOAL Professional photos & a few new outfits!

I think these are good goals. I might change then but I think I might also put pictures of these things on the fridge. I also didn’t put a treadmill on there. That’s a big purchase and I can’t decide in an afternoon if it’s worth it. Oh well, we’ll figure it out.

Also, this morning I was down to 218.2 which is awesome. Tomorrow I’ve got to get up early again and exercise and Friday it’s dancing with Tracy. I’m really excited about that. Exercise is a lot easier when its fun and with people!


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