I feel limitless this week and its great. This morning I didn’t get up and exercise like I thought I should. I gave myself the morning off. I don’t regret it but I still have the urge to work out so tonight after work and errands I’m going to spend sometime with my new best friend, the xbox.

I’ve been looking at a lot of motivational posters today and after the frustration of trying to find an interview outfit that looks good and fits I’m feeling a strong desire to move. I’m tired of my excuses. One of my favorite right now is “Imagine the body/life you will have a year from now.. go get it.” I see that poster and I want to go run laps. I’ve got a ton of work and I’m going to power through it and leave a little early so I can get home and exercise.

I’m still a little frustrated by the scale not moving but I’m going to be more on top of my measurements and talk to my JC consultant about how I’m adding in exercise. I told her I wanted to drop 10lbs before I tarted adding in the exercise but I don’t want to wait. I want to act on this desire.

My very good friend has suggested belly dancing classes on Friday. I’m totally excited for that. I haven’t don any kind of classes like that but I remember having my sis-in-law pushing me to get to the gym and run with her and it was a great motivator. Spending time with a friend while I burn some calories? Hell yes!

Here’s yesterdays BodyMedia outline:

Click for bigger


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