it's about $10 & comes with a DVD that I probably won't use nor care much about...

David Bowie is one of my favorites and funny enough I’ve been signing Ziggy Stardust all weekend. That’s a bit irrelevant though. Last week I wrote about getting a heart rate monitor,  jump rope, and all that jazz. This past weekend actually took a different path that I’m really excited about. Still totally got a jump rope though, just a different slightly more expensive one. I got the one below as it was free shipping and it was recommended by someone whole was looking for something similar. I tried hers out and liked it.

So, it’s fairly obvious to those that know me outside of the internet but I love gadgets. I especially love gadgets that track things and then help you break things down. I have something similar with a bank. I sort things and break them down into pie charts to help me understand and make better decisions. Which is why I wanted a heart rate monitor, to help me understand that I might have spend 40 minutes on that bike but only 5 of it was effective and maybe that 10 minute walk would have been a better choice. I also have one that tracks how I do in the games I play and I love looking at the numbers after a fight and finding a way that I might do better.

So, in line with that and my growing frustration with my diet and lack of change, I decided to go back to something that worked really well for me in the past. Jenny Craig. Dan and I had been thinking about Nutrisystem for a while and I hadn’t done them before so I couldn’t tell if the food would be as good. Dan didn’t want to do those programs if the food tasted bad and so we settled on going back to JC since I loved their food.

Why go back to JC? Sure, I was using a free website and I was making slow positive changes and I was seeing results (well, I wasn’t gaining) but I found it all too easy to eat the right amount of calories but of the wrong food. Hell, I was eating poptarts every morning and was still under the totals for the day. That’s not a healthy change. I went back to JC for convenience but also to learn. Last time I did JC I ate the food and did the exercises I was supposed to do and then lost a good chunk of weight. I didn’t learn anything though and that’s my fault.

I didn’t pay attention to what I ate or why I was supposed to have so many veggies. I just did as the plan said and moved on. This time I’m paying attention. I’m taking mental notes of when I eat more veggies and how they make me feel, how some sugars are starting to make me not feel as good before, and how fruit actually is appealing again. Finally, it’s not just a diet and a temporary fix but a change in the right direction. The weight loss and good feelings are kind of a bonus.

So, back to gadgets. There is a new JC plan that involves a device from BodyMedia called “BodyMedia FIT”. It’s a little device like a heart rate monitor that goes around your arm. You wear it 23 hours a day and it will monitor everything except what you eat, you have to add that in. It tracks sleep cycles, steps, and activity. It’s actually a very awesome device and since I love data and gadgets this is awesome. You get a subscription to the service with JC for the device so it makes it a bit more than the other plans but Jenny always has deals going on and this month was 50% off so it was a worthwhile investment. (Note: there are several kinds via amazon and the company site. Mine is advantage, but there is one with Jillian Michaels and a blue tooth one, ect)

Here is a screenshot of the screen that I get from the BodyMedia FIT website. If you want to see the PDF breakdown click here. It’s actually really cool. I can break down the information and see where I can improve or compare and… basically it’s data. Delicious data. I love data. I wish I was a super awesome math scientist person so I could break down my weight loss in terms of fractions but I can’t (that’s okay), but its still pretty cool.

So, what does this all mean? It means that I’m taking a vested interest in my weight loss. I know what I need to do and I need a little help and a jumpstart. I want to get under 210 so that I can start running again. I love running. There’s nothing like that feeling or the rhythmic beat of my feet hitting the ground. I set the goal of 210 so that I can fit into my running clothes from before, but also so that I can force myself to get into it slowly. I tend to want to jump on a treadmill and just run for 5 miles but I can’t right now. So forcing myself to wait and adding the movement slowly is a good thing.


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