So last week was a bit of disaster for me. Should be really obvious from the last two “oh em gee” posts. Fair warning, those will happen occasionally. But I’m back on track and thankfully no super disaster done to the diet. Well a bit but I’m not over 220. I’m back to 219 after the drop to 218 but hey. This is a dance and it always will be.

Last week I didn’t really exercise. Like at all. Thankfully, my daily food intake isn’t based on my exercising a set amount. If you add exercise to a day it adds on those calories for you to eat but I think that was part of my problem in the first few weeks. Since I’m not sure how many calories I’m burning exactly, it’s just better to pretend as if I don’t. Not to mention my exercise isn’t really up to the point where I’m burning a whole lot of calories a day/week.

So Friday is a pay day (YAY!) and I’ve set aside a small amount of money for some of the things I think I need to help me with exercise. First, is that heart rate monitor I mentioned a few weeks ago. This way I can start writing down and being more honest about how little I’m exercising. Nothing motivates like knowing “people” are watching. This is a great investment for me as it will translate well from the bike to the other toy I want (I’ll explain in a minute) to the treadmill/running.

The next item I’m going to acquire is a jump rope. Actually, THIS jump rope. I don’t need a fancy speed pro weighted rope. This one says it’s a “pro speed” rope but I’m buying it based on the whole 1.43 price tag. I don’t care much about the type but figure it has to be better than the noisy plastic ones from high school. I think mixing the bike up with the jump rope is a great idea, but the cardio from the rope should be awesome.


$1.43 how can you NOT want it?!

Jumping rope is apparently the new fad (and Olympic sport!), but I’d been thinking about doing this for a while. Lots of times I get annoyed with the bike as I want to get up and move about but I don’t want to leave the house. Using the rope should help with that. I’m also trying to up the amount of times a week I exercise. I slacked off and I’ve been doing good listing what I eat on so I think this is a small goal I can achieve. Right now, I want to set a high goal of 5 times a week but that’s ridiculous. So this week, I’ve already been on the bike once. I want to get on the bike 2 more time for at least 20 minutes before Saturday.

Next week, I’ll go for 3 again, and then after that 4 time a week. By the end of the month I want to be exercising at least 4 days a week.  Of that I want 2 days on the bike and 2 on the rope. After those goals. I want to be up to 5 days a week by the 15th of March. 2 days on the bike and 3 days of rope. By the end of March I want to keep a good  4 to 5 times a week schedule, with at least one on a treadmill or out for a walk in the neighborhood.

This is a bit ambitious but doable. I feel excited and energized about it. I think there goals are totally obtainable for me. I also feel like I have a more solid deadline. Dan and I are going to (if everything works out) start trying for a family and I’d like to go into pregnancy at a little bit more healthier of a weight and not have to worry about extra medical concerns. I’m hoping to start that chapter sometime in late April and May so that gives me about 4 months to make some solid progress. Ideally I’ll keep exercising and being active and healthy during so that this life adjustment sticks. But I don’t have to tackle that just yet. Right now, I’m focusing on exercising and getting under 200lbs.


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