Feeling the Burn!

So, it’s mid week and time to write about my adventures again. I’ve kind of given up on the daily posting of my bodyfit media stuff. It’s a lot of data that isn’t really important, and even less so without a rundown. Maybe as I have more and more time I can post them and dissect them but I think I’ll stick to doing that when I have something to talk about instead of just to post and fill space. It feels kind of cheap to add to my post count that way.

Last week, I meet up with Tracey to try Belly Dancing, and I really enjoyed it. It was a great work out for my legs and core and I need that. So, she invited me to the class they do on Mondays and I agreed that it would be fun. It gets me out of the house and gets me moving, plus I’m less likely to skip a class when I have people there that I like. This week it was at Tracey’s which was awesome, I didn’t have to worry about getting lost and being on time.

Belly dancing is hard! Not that I thought it was easy or anything, but I was surprised at how much effort was needed to do things and how little my muscle wanted to obey. I was very sore after Friday and Monday’s sessions. It was a good sore though. I’m gaining strength in my legs which will help with the knee problems I’ve been having lately. I found hip drops the hardest to understand of all the moves. I can visualize what my body needs to do, but can’t seem to translate that into my hips. I’ve worked on it since class and I think I’m getting it, but I might also be twisting, which is bad. I’m rather amused at how I can see how it works and how my body is supposed to do it, but when I look at my legs they kind of look back and go “wtf are you trying to do?” So I’ve been practicing that this week and I’m starting to make my body understand what I want it to do.

Here is the Steps and Activity levels for my first Belly Dancing Lesson. I took it kind of easy on myself since I didn’t want to stress out my muscles too much.

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Tuesday, I was super pumped about the great day I’d had on Monday. I was so pumped I was able to exercise in my office. I did a quick 9 minute thing that I found on Pinterest(photo below). I’ve been using Pinterest a lot for motivation. It’s pretty cool for that and can really get me pumped up for a work out. I didn’t do the jumping jacks or the long jumps because it’s hard to work out with my stomach bouncing around especially in a small office. I pretty much just marched in place or jogged. It got my heart rate up and that’s all that really mattered.

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Then Last night (Tuesday night) while we were raiding in SWTOR I put my arm band on my leg and just started chair/desk dancing. Basically it was me fidgeting to and extreme while sitting at my desk. I had music playing and was moving to it and flailing my legs. I didn’t break a sweat but I was moving quite a bit for like an hour. It was awesome. Below you can see the chart for my activity levels on Tuesday.  They are off the charts! I might do this every night while I raid. I wanted to do that with the little bike, but it’s really hard to bike and play the computer, so flailing around like a kind having a seizure seems to work well enough.

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There are 2 routines I really want to try incorporating into my daily life. One is the 4 minute work out that supposed to burn calories for 36 hours after it and the Luckly Legs of March thing that’s basically a calendar with exercises to do on it every day to help tone legs. I might be crazy wanting to do all these thing but I figured I’d try a lot of things and then settle into a routine of a few of them and rotate to keep the stuff fresh. The 4 minute one looks rough but I think it will really do a lot of work.

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Here is the video for the 4 minute workout:

One of the funnier things that happened this week is that I unintentionally cut out caffeine. The last few days I’ve developed a really rough headache in the mid afternoon. Not quite a migraine but not a run of the mill stress headache. I thought it was because I hadn’t been eating salads this week or that it was just an effect of the diet. This morning I came into work and looked at my coffee cup and it hit me. Every weekday morning I usually have a few cups of tea and then on the weekend a cup or two of coffee. This weekend I didn’t do that and it was warm out so I didn’t want my morning tea the last few days.

Once I figured out that it was caffeine withdraw I went down and bought a bottle of mt. dew and within 20 minutes I had bounced back and was feeling awesome. My friend Dave once cut out caffeine out completely and while my symptoms weren’t nearly as bad as his I can’t believe it took me so long to realize what I was doing to myself. So I’m thinking I might incorporate a can of soda a day so I don’t have to worry about that. I could do tea/coffee but as summer gets closer I tend to not want to drink those, and this way I won’t run the risk of withdrawal. It kind of sounds messed up but I do need caffeine, it helps balance my brain and when I’ve gone without it for long periods before I’d had issues.

That’s it for now. I plan on desk dancing again tonight while I raid and I’ll try and remember to post the activity logs again so we can see how much I burn when I haven’t worked out besides that.



So this week has been crazy! I need to add a calendar reminder to add my daily body media to the blog. I think that will help keep me more honest. Not that I’ve lied about what I’ve eaten or exercised but It helps remind me that I’m publishing these results. I’ve also taken some before pictures and I’m thinking of posting them. They are not the most flattering and, while I’m ashamed of them, it’s another thing I need to put out there so I can accept it and use it to drive me on.

On the topic of pictures. I’ve decided to try and take some every week of my progress. It takes a while to notice the changes of weight loss.  Plus, I love seeing those ‘Before and After’ shots. They keep me inspired and make me want to go run. How cool it will be to see my own. To look back in a year and go “Holy crap!” I’m proud of all the people I see on my weight loss boards; I can’t wait to feel that proud of myself.

Speaking of proud. I had my first weigh in this week with Jenny Craig. Dan lost about 5lbs and I lost about 1lbs. I have to admit that I’m a little disappointed that I only lost a pound. I went over my bodyfit media data with my JC consultant and we think it was because I didn’t drink enough water and I wasn’t eating all the calories I was supposed to. I didn’t eat enough fruits and veggies as well. I actually wasn’t that hungry last week and was under 1200 eaten calories for 2 days (we think it was the lack of water). This week I’ve been over my calories on 2 days, mostly from extra fruit. I’ve been trying to make sure I get enough water to help my muscles repair and not hang on to all of it.

I kind of feel bad about being disappointed that I only lost a pound. It’s a pound; I should be like “Woo! I lost!” but I’m not. I think it was because I high 218 on my own before JC I won’t be excited until I get past that. The great news is that for the first time in more than a month I have seen my measurements go down. I’ve lost about an inch in all the areas I measure. This is great news and my JC consultant warned me that because I was a runner before I might see inches shed before I see the scale move a lot. She thinks that I have muscle hiding under the flab and as I exercise my body is holding water to repair them and eating off the fat, she said that as the muscle comes back the inches will go but the scale might not move as fast. I’m hoping that is correct. Especially the part that I might see more dramatic loss a few weeks in as the muscle regain balances out.

This leads to a bit of a dilemma. Not a world ending, life changing one, but still a dilemma. I like results. I push myself in the beginning to see those numbers fall. I visualize the scale going down for every half hour I exercise. It’s a great motivator for me and pushes me to finish those last 2 minutes of hard work. So with the knowledge that the scale might not move as fast, I need other forms of motivation. The past few weeks I’ve been excited enough on my own but I’ve been looking at results threads on weight loss forums for extra drive.

 Normally, people set mini-goals and rewards based on the numbers on the scale.  They say at 10lbs lost that they will go to the spa, or at 50lbs they get a new wardrobe. Those are great goals but since I might not see a steady 1-2 lbs a week I think I want to set mine to other things. For example: If I exercise 3 times a week for a month I can get the Zumba game. That’s one. I need others.

One of the biggest things I want is a treadmill. It was my favorite (and least favorite) tool at the gym. I hated that damn treadmill, until I found that I love running. They burn a lot of calories, and you can adjust your intensity. You can build up stamina and do so while doing something else. At the gym they’d have a movie playing. For my I think a movie or a TV show, or even a video game.  So back to goals.

I wanted to make a treadmill a goal. The Kinect fitness game was the reward for starting but I’d like to get a treadmill ASAP so get my stamina back up. And there I go breaking my stream of consciousness by doing work. I’ve been thinking about my goals though and I think this is what I will do:

220 – Start
210 – Zumba Game
200 – New Pair of Jeans (mine will no longer fit at this point)
190 – Good running shoes (from a runners store)
180 – Something from Esty
170 – Something from Modcloth (Maybe, or someplace else)
160 – Get my hair done professionally (maybe a dye job)
150 – GOAL Professional photos & a few new outfits!

I think these are good goals. I might change then but I think I might also put pictures of these things on the fridge. I also didn’t put a treadmill on there. That’s a big purchase and I can’t decide in an afternoon if it’s worth it. Oh well, we’ll figure it out.

Also, this morning I was down to 218.2 which is awesome. Tomorrow I’ve got to get up early again and exercise and Friday it’s dancing with Tracy. I’m really excited about that. Exercise is a lot easier when its fun and with people!


So this week, I’ve been awesome. I stayed on diet and didn’t eat the cakes for the 4 birthdays at work today. I ate what I was supposed too. I even changed my life to start exercising in the morning. And as of right now I haven’t lost a pound.

Sure, my scale says I’m at 219.4 in the morning that .4 will be gone but I’ll gain about a pound in clothing at the jc weigh in. I know I have to keep at it and keep working but it’s very frustrating. I thought jc would help boost my weight loss and right now I feel stuck. On well, just have to keep trying.i can’t let little set backs get me down

Thursday BM report

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Yesterday, I did not get up early to exercise but I made up for it later in the day. This morning I did get up early and exercised. In fact I woke up at 6:08 and couldn’t go back to sleep so I got up.

One thing I’m noticing is that the arm band either doesn’t track my exercise well or I’m not exercising as hard as I think. Normally I’d just think the thing is wrong but the scale’s super slow progress is making me think differently. Perhaps I just need to bust my but harder.

The exercise game is fantastic and I love it but I’m concerned about the rests between activities. I’m sure as I do the longer and longer activities I’ll find that less of an issue.


I feel limitless this week and its great. This morning I didn’t get up and exercise like I thought I should. I gave myself the morning off. I don’t regret it but I still have the urge to work out so tonight after work and errands I’m going to spend sometime with my new best friend, the xbox.

I’ve been looking at a lot of motivational posters today and after the frustration of trying to find an interview outfit that looks good and fits I’m feeling a strong desire to move. I’m tired of my excuses. One of my favorite right now is “Imagine the body/life you will have a year from now.. go get it.” I see that poster and I want to go run laps. I’ve got a ton of work and I’m going to power through it and leave a little early so I can get home and exercise.

I’m still a little frustrated by the scale not moving but I’m going to be more on top of my measurements and talk to my JC consultant about how I’m adding in exercise. I told her I wanted to drop 10lbs before I tarted adding in the exercise but I don’t want to wait. I want to act on this desire.

My very good friend has suggested belly dancing classes on Friday. I’m totally excited for that. I haven’t don any kind of classes like that but I remember having my sis-in-law pushing me to get to the gym and run with her and it was a great motivator. Spending time with a friend while I burn some calories? Hell yes!

Here’s yesterdays BodyMedia outline:

Click for bigger

6:30 AM

This morning I woke up to my alarm at 6:30 am and nearly jumped out of bed. Why? I wanted to exercise. So now you may be thinking, who the hell is this person and what did they do with Allison? Fear not, I’m the same, I’m just excited.  I’m also full of a lot of energy today, but I’m still tired. It’s a weird feeling, like a sugar high without the sugar. Maybe this is what super athlete’s feel like? Oh well.

For first, a little recap. Dan and I joined Jenny Craig. They weighed me in on Saturday at 220.4 lbs and put me on a 1500 calories meal plan. Dan has so far lost 4 lbs while I’ve only dropped to about 219 (this morning). That’s not bad, it progress. I’d be dieting previously to the start so I won’t see a big drop like most people do in their first week. I’m using a cool gadget that is helping me track my exercise, sleep, and calories called the BodyMedia Fit(Tuesday).


So, to get to the point, we have this great thing called Kinect. It’s a rally awesome motion tracker/camera for the Xbox console and allows for full motion game control. It doesn’t work with all of their games just ones build for it. For the most part the games coming out for the Kinect have been exercise games. This idea of an exercise game and integrates motion control really became popular with the Wii console. It was a great idea and a lot of gamers and non-gamers liked the idea of turning getting active into something they enjoy. Unfortunately, the Wii was limited. It relied on a controller and that limited what the game could track. The Kinect uses full motion capture and really takes exercising with a game to the next level.


Wii Fit

Last night we picked up Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012. This is the cream of the crop of “second go” for Kinect fitness games. Your Shape Fitness was a Kinect release game that was considered one of the best. Evolved 2012 is their second release and they’ve really addressed a lot of the issues people had with the original title. Developers are also getting better at programming for the Kinect, which is allowing the games to be better. I’ve played many of the fitness games for Wii but had yet to really try one on the Kinect. Needless to say, I was excited but a bit unsure of how well the game would behave and react and how well I’d be able to do all the exercises.

Overall the game is excellent. It still has some issues when I do some exercises. It’s not always the best at telling where my body parts are. Now, that may be because I need to calibrate my Kinect, or light the room better, or weight different clothes. It does cause frustration when you are playing a game and you hit a block but the game doesn’t see that. This does not happen that often for me, just once or twice. Enough to notice but not make me quit.


As you can see, no controller

Tuesday, I wanted to get up early and while I did get up at about 7:15-7:30 it was a slow angry get out of bed. It didn’t help that it was snowing out and I wanted to stay in bed longer. Plus I was supposed to go over to the gym and I felt the cold morning air and gave up. This morning was a different story. The alarm went off and I took about 2 minutes to adjust and then got ready and went into the office to exercise. The excitement of new toy/game really helped to drive me out of bed this morning. I’m sure tomorrow will be a bit more challenging of a wake up. I’m considering sleeping to 7:30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays and get up for exercise Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It sounds tempting but I think I need to get a rhythm going and make mornings normal. I need to decide on that before I go to bed though, otherwise I will decide in the morning and I know how that will go.

Though, it wasn’t hard to get up this morning, I found it really difficult to actually do the exercises. 


Either I didn’t realize how out of shape I am or I need to give myself a better warm up so I can wake up. I was out of breath quite a bit found myself needing to stop and picking the lighter and shorter activities because I couldn’t keep going on the long ones. I suspect it’s more about me being out of shape. The activities are a lot of fun though and I found that I wanted to keep going this morning but ran out of time and needed to get in the shower (that’s the other reason I think I’ll go it every other day. I don’t shower every day in the winter as it dries out my skin and my hair. I already have dry skin/hair issues and I use body lotion to help combat that).

We’ll see how long I keep this up. I’m really great and starting things, not so much at keeping them going. This one will be the trickiest since getting up early is always hard.


Psssttt… I’m going to be screen capping my daily Body Media Summary and posting them here. I’ll only link to blog posts from FB & twitter when hey have more substance.