The Beginning That’s Not Quite a Beginning

Hello, I’m Allison and this is going to be the completely public and probably very boring journey of mine from large unflattering clothes to cute slim ones…

That’s somewhat true. Basically, this is (yet another) weight loss blog. I’m starting this so that I can track my progress in a way that’s a bit more tangable and personal than “I ate 1600 calories today!” or “I put 10 minutes in on an exercise bike and burned X calories!” Don’t get me wrong. I’m still going to have lots of entries like that, but I’ll probably spice them up with pictures of my flab, stories about how that fucking treadmill can burn in hell, and holy shit do my ankles hurt.

So welcome to my journey. I hope I’m not too boring, or whiney, or weird by being super excited about a 0.2 weight loss.


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